The journey of a woven
carpet of true quality


New Innovation

Downham Axminster welcomed the challenge to create and manufacture a carpet of true quality suitable for both the residential and commercial market, giving the industry a product of consistent high quality at a competitive price.

Wool Selection

In order to achieve that aim Wools of New Zealand was approached for advice on high quality wool from their growers. Wools of New Zealand provided a solution with document traceability from approved spinners and dyers.

UK Manufacturing

Our next step was to take the yarn and manufacture it in England on the latest state of the art axminster machinery incorporating a unique robot controlled yarn loading auto creel. The finished product impressed Wools of New Zealand so much that they invited Downham Axminster to supply the axminster carpet element of The Evie Rose Collection.

Perfect Palette

The twelve colours in the tuft box represent extensive research into the demands of the market and feature in a range of designs. A custom offer also encapsulates all the advantages of the Evie Rose/Downham Axminster product.

Working Together